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The products of the GYVATOS community are special because they are made by hand, with a personal touch and love, energy is put into every step and detail. Many products are made from naturally and lovingly grown plants from Lithuania. Others, which are not available in Lithuania and are necessary for the products, are selected by taking into the account sustainable cultivation and collection practices and ecology. The connection to the universe, respect for it and its gifts is what inspires and leads us.

A product made by hand is very different from an industrially produced product because it contains the energy of the person who produced that product. Not the machine, the apparatus, but the human energy connected to the energy of nature. Such a product not only has a stronger effect, but has a sustainable effect on both nature and the consumer.

Everything is energy. Energy affects us constantly. Therefore, understanding what you are taking and how it affects you is very important. The manufactured products will help you charge yourself with the loving energy of the universe which will help not only the physical body, but also the entire energy body.