Grown organically and distilled in copper alembic and guided by the laws of nature.

Ingredients: Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) distilled water with naturally occurring essential oil components. Preservative-free, non-alcoholic.

Properties: Soothing, analgesic, lowering blood pressure, cleansing, stress reducing;

Application: facial tonic, freshener, facial cleanser, for irritated or reddened skin. It is advisable to hydrate the skin with hydrosol before applying the cream, oil or serum. Spray on dry hair to revitalize them. Also use as a bed freshener, air freshener. For aromatic baths, pour 30-50 ml into the bath. Very suitable for those who are nervous or even aggressive, characterized by a desire for power, pressure and stress at work, arrogance, impatience. Helps to reconnect with the universe, unblock the seventh energy center. People with a lot of “fire” will regain peace and serenity by drinking diluted lavender hydrosol.

The hydrosol is charged with bio-active energy, so it will help as much as it is needed and who needs it.



Lavender, the name comes from the Latin word “lavare” – to wash, cleanse. From ancient times levander was used for physical and mental cleansing.

It is generally recommended to use lavender only on the outside. It is not harmful if used inside, but it is not very tasty. There are many other hydrosols with similar properties with better taste that can be used internally. In general, the pH is close to the pH of most “balanced” cosmetics, making it ideal for any skin type. Added to existing skin care products, it will not change their intended properties. It will add a pleasant aroma as well as its beneficial cooling and healing properties. Lavender is rightly famous for its regenerative effects on damaged or sensitive skin. Add it to masks with oatmeal so as not to dry too much. Use it daily as a make-up remover and tonic, apply with a cotton ball. Moisturize your face and neck throughout the day to avoid excessive dehydration.

Spray the skin before and after shaving or hair removal to reduce inflammation, shave better and avoid ingrown hairs. Indispensable for skin care while traveling. Use it on an airplane, for the whole body, including the feet and legs. Take to warm climates to soothe sunburns, heat rashes, sunburns and itching. Its sweet and pleasant aroma makes lavender very suitable for children. Use it to clean cuts and scratches (also for adults). Use it to soothe a bad mood and end the rage with tears, and pour into the bath water or spray directly on the bed for a restful night’s sleep.

Little girls love to have their own perfume, and these will not cause allergies or skin reactions. Lavender is wonderful to use for babies and can be placed in the bath, used to clean the baby’s buttocks or in conjunction with chamomile for diaper rash. Mist in the air in the baby’s room or spraying on the parent’s clothes before placing them in the carrier will make it easier to calm down and fall asleep. Combine with Roman chamomile hydrosol to get the best baby blend.

Soothing and cooling the body, mind and spirit, lavender refreshes the room at home or in the office. Use in a car to calm down and avoid anger in the traffic. Combine it with geranium, roses or clary sage and use hot or cold on the abdomen and back for cramps and PMS. Mix it with a little peppermint and sage and spray in the heat, and before the next important meeting, try a sip of this combination to control yourself.

Use it undiluted to compress on the neck, shoulders and forehead when you have a headache, feel tension and stress.

Lavender smells better than it tastes, but it is traditionally used in desserts, cookies and ice cream.

The hydrosol is charged with bio-active energy, so it will help as much as it is needed and who needs it.

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