Discover the natural power of burdock root, a plant that has been known for its health benefits for ages. The highest quality burdock roots are hand picked, washed and dried in connection with nature and its cycles. Packed with essential nutrients, it supports healthy skin, aids digestion and improves overall well-being. Whether you’re making a soothing tea or adding it to culinary dishes, burdock roots provide the purest and freshest herbal goodness. Trust in nature’s gifts – a versatile and essential addition to your herbal shelf.

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Gently but surely, Burdock cleanses the body through its waters, as if it were flushing what it does not need into the ground, and at the same time grounding us. Like all herbs, it does not leave the cleansed body empty and depleted, but restores and nourishes.

Burdock has a mildly bitter, wild nutty, slightly spicy and oily flavor, together with a slightly sweet taste, which is linked to its nutritional and tonic properties. It helps to build, grow and nourish weak, emaciated and poor tissues. An excess of the sweet taste in the tissues can lead to obesity, laziness and stagnation, while a deficiency can lead to weakness.

Boil the roots for 20-30 minutes, then leave to cool for 40 minutes and drink a cup up to three/four times a day. The total recommended dose is 1 tablespoon of dried roots in 250 ml of water.

Food: Add the fresh roots to any vegetable stews or other steamed or roasted root dishes, or add the dried roots to soups and broths.